Willamette Computer Consultants
(previously known as Pacific Computer Consultants)

Tacoma, WA

3Com/USR Partner

Authorized Maxtor Reseller

AMD Reseller Professional

Serving Pierce, Kitsap and So King County


   General Pricing Info:
 Service Type
Business Clients
Services By Appointment
$40.00/hr (2 hr min)
$30.00/hr (1 hr min)
Rapid Response (24/7)
$75.00/hr (2 hr min)
$50.00/hr (1 hr min)
General System Maint*
(*Item includes registry scan/clean up, Virus scan/removal, Disk error scan, General hardware test) 
Prices subject to change without notice - prices will be agreed upon before any work starts.

Company History

     Pacific Computer Consultants first opened for business in June of 1986 in Tacoma, Washington and continued business until January of 1996.  At that time PCC closed its doors while I was traveling around the country on a well deserved vacation and in the process of moving to Eugene, OR.

     In September of 1997 I moved to Eugene, Oregon and started the process to start up the business again.  On March 23rd, 1998 the business officially opened at its new location with its new name: Willamette Computer Consultants.

    In March of 2002 I moved back to Tacoma and again started up the business in the new location.

     Willamette Computer Consultants is a business which specializes in system consulting.  We concentrate on helping clients maintain, upgrade, and decide on what type of computer systems they will need to do what they want to do.  Whether it be playing games or managing a home or small business.

     We do not normally sell computers but rather concentrate on the consulting and technical support aspect.  We do on occasion build custom systems (using exclusively AMD processors)  for those that want them but primarily will refer them to a reputable company that can provide the system they need at a reasonable cost.

     Our clients are primarily small business and consumer/homeowners.  We don't work with corporations since there are many companies that will, but prefer to concentrate on the folks who rarely can afford the rates of the larger consultants.

     The mission and/or goal of Willamette Computer Consultants is to help those users that need or want non biased help in selecting a computer system and/or software as well as providing other services such as system upgrades, system organization, clean-up and problem solving.

     We provide help with all versions of Windows up to Windows 10 and DOS and many software packages.

     If you are interested in our services please call or contact us via email == danofwa@nventure.com

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