My Bio of Sorts

Basic Info:

Born: August 8, 1952
Career field: Computer Consultant, Military Contractor
Personal Quote: "It wasn't me!"

General History

     I was born in Peoria (of "will it play in Peoria" fame"), Illinois back in August of 1952.   I escaped as soon as I was old enough to crawl and moved around a bunch until I found a reasonable place to live.

     During this process I have been in all 50 states, all Canadian provinces and 28 countries.  I have lived in Alaska (before it was a state), Washington (5 cities), Oregon, California (4 cities), Texas, Mississippi, Illinois, Delaware and Arizona.  I am now settled back in Tacoma.

     I started my career in computers in 1972 in the US Air Force as an "Electronic Computer Maintenance Repairman" (AFSC 30554a) working on a 1400 series system made by IBM modified by AT&T and was located deep underground at March AFB in Riverside, CA.   It was underground because it was one of 3 of its kind and was part of the control system for the US defense network.

     After the war was over (Vietnam) in 1975, and I was RIFed (reduction in force) out of the USAF and headed home to Tacoma.   I went back to school to learn a few things to make me employable in something other than computers and electronics and got a 2 yr. degree in Criminal Justice -- of course by the time I finished that they changed the hiring requirements for Police and I no longer qualified.  I decided to concentrate on computers.

     While doing these things I also Joined the Civil Air Patrol (a search & rescue unit and USAF Auxiliary) and received a couple of awards: a "find" ribbon for being first to located a downed aircraft, and a Lifesaving Award for finding a missing person before they came to harm. (disabled person who needed medication). I was Communications Officer for Mt Rainier Squadron and then Information Systems Officer for Washington Wing.

     After a while decided to start my own business and so was born Pacific Computer Consultants in July of 1986.  The business grew from about 15 customers the first 6 months (well what do you expect from a home based business start up?) and grew to having a income able to be my sole source of income in 1990 and from there from just paying the bills to giving me enough income to buy all sorts of new gadgets and 'toys'.   I closed Pacific Computer Consultants in 1996 and after wrapping up other loose ends I moved to Eugene, OR.

     After getting settled in Eugene I reopened the business under the name of Willamette Computer Consultants in April of 1998 (another company had the PCC name in Oregon).   Since Eugene had a much smaller customer base I was forced to also work for a local software company (doing tech support) to supplement my income.  During that time I reduced my business to a hobby business and concentrated in making my job at the software company my primary career path.  I left that company in Sept of 2001 and again took my business to full time.

     I finally moved back to Tacoma in March of 2002 and reopened the business.  I moved due to the lack of a large enough customer base to support a full time business.

     The business didn't pick up as much as I thought it would so I tried a few new fields of employment.  I knew driving Taxi was easy to do and was not hard to get into so I started driving Taxi in 2003 (no not for Yellow Cab).  I drove for 3 yrs and though it was enjoyable there was not much money in it.  I stopped driving Taxi in  Dec of 2005.  Then went to work for Nintendo the same year.  I worked there until my contract ended.
I started working for a military contractor in January of 2006.  To help train US military members for deployment to various places where they will be dealing with 'alleged' terrorists. I did this off and on until 2009 while driving Taxi

     I went back to driving Taxi (same company) in 2007 and drove for 3 years. After having my first heart attack I moved into dispatching for the Taxi company and left due to outsourcing Dec 2013.

     I have had a couple heart attacks and some stents put in (7 total) so have had to limit some of my activities and scale my life around my medications.

     I am now mostly retired, though I try to pick up odd jobs here and there

     I am now involved with the BurningMan community (first in Second Life in 2008-2017).  As Black Rocky City ESD Dispatcher in 2010-2012. After 2012 I was prevented by medical issues going to the high desert climate (altitude and heat). I got evolved with the local regional (Seattle Critical NW) as a NW Ranger.  I now go yearly to the "Critical Burn" each year in July and volunteer my service as a NW Ranger. (Ranger Dano)


     Anyway....looks like this turned out not to really be a bio - more of a history.


Some of My Favorite Things

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